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Edu Passion

On February 15th 2018, 3 Senior High Schook Bandung held an event called Edu Passion. What is it? This is an event where we, as a student of 3 Senior High School Bandung, can get some information about various university in Bandung, such as Bandung Institute of Technology ( in Bahasa: Institut Teknologi Bandung), UNPAD, UPI, Binus, and many more. There are also some education institution such as Wall Street English, Tridaya, and other.
This is an annual event also provide presentation from some faculties such as STEI, FSRD, FTTM, and other faculty. This event is especially for 12th grader who will attend university in the next year, but we, 10th grader, are allowed to entered faculty's presentation to.
Do you want to know more about this event? Please kindly check our vlog!

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