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Holiday Plan

In the afternoon, there are two people who are talking about their next holiday plan. Helena  : "Hi, Cynthia! You know what? Holiday is coming in four months!" Cynthia : "What? Seriously? Time passes so quickly." Helena  : "Ya. Do you have some plan?" Cynthia : "Ehm..I don't know. I think I will stay at home throughout the holiday. What about you?" Helena  : "My family and I are going to have a picnic in Jeju Island. Want to join ?" Cynthia : "I want to, but I have to ask my mom first." Helena  : "Sure, but you must to be quick, so we can buy tickets as soon as possible to get  cheap price?" Cynthia : "By the way where is the Jeju Island?" Helena  : "Jeju Island is the largest island in the Korea and located to the south of the Korea Peninsula? Jeju Island or called Sambado, " Island Abundant with Three Things" rocks, women, and wind. It has unique and beautiful nature?" Cynthia : "Wow! …

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