Thank You For Helping Me

This is the most desperate experience I've ever been. A year ago I joined Ganesha Operation class. Yes, Ganesha Operation helped me so much in National Exam. In that time, I took Tutorial Service Time or called TST or Siaga US, or something like that, with all my friend in Saint Ursula Junior High School who joined this too. 
I've planned that sine two days ago, because I didn't attend the first meet. So without asked anybody, I just told my mother like this,"Mom, tomorrow I will joined Tutorial Service Time, so I think I will late to come home?" My mom replied," Oh yes, what time will you come home?" I answered that I would come home at to o'clock. So she told my father to fetch me up at two o'clock. 
Really? At 2 o'clock?  I didn't know. But I've just said that I will come home at 2 o'clock? Yes, I know,that was my stupidity. 
The lass began at 11 o'clock and then we've studying for one hour, and then the teacher said …


In the morning, at school in lunch time.Someone is eating alone in the corner of the class.

Helena : Hi! Why you're eating alone? Don't you have a friend? Cynthia : Hmm... I don't know. I think I can't make a friend in this class. Everyone already have some friends, so I feel isolated. Helena : Oh, my! Don't worry, now you have one friend. It's me! I will introduce you to all of my friends here. Cynthia : Thank you, I'm Cynthia. What's your name? Helena  : I'm Helena. Let's be a good friend! Cynthia : By the way, where are you from? I'm from Jakarta? Helena : I'm from Medan. Cynthia : What? Are you Bataknese? You look like a foreigner. Helena : Hahaha.... Really? Actually, my mother is half American and Indonesia. Cynthia : Wow! I don;t expect that. Where do you live now? Helena : I live in Tongkeng Street No. 4, Bandung. How about you? Cynthia : Me? I live at Plered VI Street No.7, Bandung. Want to come to my house? Helena : Sure! Why n…

It's All About Me!

HELLO! My name is Cynthia Parameswari. My family and all of my friend called me Cynthia. I was born on 27th Mei 2002, so now I'm 15 years old. I live at Plered VI Street No. 7, Antapani with my family. I'm a 10th grade student at 3 Senior High School, Bandung. I have twin sister and a little brother. My twin sister's name is Natashya Parameswari. Unlucky, we've got different school. She is a student at 5 Junior High School Bandung beside my school. My brother's name is Alexander Gerald Nathanael. I and my family are usually call him Gerald. He was born on 19th April 2006, so now he is 11 years old. He is a 6th grade student at Saint Ursula Elementary Shool.

My mother is an officer at Jasa Tirta Luhur II. Her office is in Purwakarta. Because of that, she have to get up at 3.30 in the morning every day and I must get up at 4.30 a.m. My father is a policeman, so he can't take me to school. My mother usually arrive at home at 7.00 pm, so I must learn how to be auton…